Mermaid Tails
A look into mermaids & mermaid costumes
Mermaid Tails
This website covers the history, etymology and background information on mermaids but more specifically deals with mermaid tails showing the different types available to buy online.

Overview & Etymology
The mermaid has, for hundreds of years, been one of folklore’s most popular creatures, with myths and legends related to the mermaid appearing in art and literature from a number of different cultures spanning the globe. With the upper body of a beautiful female and the tail of a fish, these enticing mythological beings spark the imagination of all with a love of the sea.

The term “mermaid” first derived from Old English, when the words for “sea” and “girl” – mere and maid – were combined to describe tales of unusual sightings passed around sea ports by sailors. According to these sailors, their ships were approached by beautiful young women who frolicked in the waves and invited love struck seafarers to join them; although if the unfortunate Romeos chose to dive over the edge of their boats, they were never heard from again.

Yet whilst many stories tell of the dangerous and malicious aspect of a mermaid’s character, whereby schools of mermaids sang their siren song to guide ships onto rocks or shoals, there are even more tales claiming mermaids are in fact benign and helpful beings. Sailors often told of mermaids delivering gifts such as shells or pearls from the ocean floor, rescuing crewmates who fell overboard or even falling in love with the humans that seemed to pique their curiosity so much.

In recent years, those investigating potential mermaid sightings have expressed an interesting theory that brave explorers, including Christopher Columbus, did not in fact chance upon beautiful women lurking below the waves. They believe that the legendary mermaids were in fact Sirenia, an order of aquatic herbivorous mammals which manatees and dugongs belong to. While this may explain the flash of tail fins viewed in passing, it certainly doesn’t explain the female upper body with the long, flowing hair – leaving many secure in the belief that these magical, ocean dwelling creatures exist even today.

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