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Mermaid Films and Mermaid Tails

When one thinks of famous stories about mermaids the first that obviously comes to mind is The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, which was subsequently made into a Disney film many years later. Although the essence of Andersen’s original story was carried through in the movie, however, there were many changes written in in order to make the resulting big screen production more “child friendly”.

In Andersen’s work, the protagonist mermaid was related to the undine of German folklore – a mermaid which, in order to obtain an immortal soul, must marry a human being. Needless to say, the plotline does not follow the Disney happily ever after ideal and, after the prince marries his princess, the little mermaid disintegrates into sea foam. Fortunately, all is not lost as she feels the sun and realises she has become a daughter of the air, with the ability to earn her own soul and rise up to heaven by doing good deeds for others.

Andersen’s story inspired the works of other writers, with notable classics being Oscar Wilde’s The Fisherman and His Soul and H.G. Wells’ The Sea Lady. It was also the idea behind the iconic The Little Mermaid statue located in Copenhagen, which has become a pilgrimage for those who believe that mermaids swim beneath the waves to this very day.

While The Little Mermaid is undoubtedly the most popular mermaid tale, Hollywood has wholeheartedly embraced the myth with romantic comedy releases including Splash and Aquamarine. More recently the latest instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, On Stranger Tides, combines the myths of different parts of the world to create a mermaid which can grow legs on land, lures sailors to their deaths with siren song and can cure mortal wounds with a single kiss.