Mermaid Tails
A look into mermaids & mermaid costumes
Monofins (flippers)

The monofin is the key component in the swimmable mermaid costume as it is this piece of equipment which propels the wearer through the water in a realistic, mermaid-like fashion. Therefore, it is very important that you buy a monofin which is durable, well fitted and of a high quality.

Although you have the option of taping or tying two separate flippers together to create a monofin, the best option is always to buy a monofin as it is designed specifically for the dolphin kick style of swimming. Your monofin should be flexible but secure, allowing you to swim through the water in comfort.

Many different types of monofin exist, but the best option for a mermaid tail is the classic monofin. These are very lightweight and have classic foot pockets, ideal for those who have never practiced finswimming before. Try to find one with an adjustable strap behind the heel, as this allows you to adjust the fitting of the monofin so it is both secure and comfortable on your feet.

If possible, try to find a fibreglass monofin as this material tends to be the most durable – thereby giving you the best value for money, even if it is a little more expensive than the alternatives! Many monofins are made of thermoplastics which not only tend to be of poor strength and crack after bending, but also tend to be a little more rigid than their fibreglass counterparts meaning that the fluid movement of the mermaid tail may be compromised.

In terms of fitting, the foot pockets should be tight but not overly so as this can cut off blood circulation to the feet. Remember that most people have a slight variation between the sizes of their left and right feet, so always try before you buy! Choosing the right size of foot pocket is massively important, so take the time to consider which is best for your needs and which will go best with your mermaid tail.